Tool Lock is designed to be different.

A truly "game changing" product that is pushing the envelope to disrupt the tool box market. The proprietary gel in the bottom of the tool boxes secures all items—even when the box is turned upside down and shaken.

Tired of your tools being unorganized??

Secure Tools in Place

Our TakLogic technology uses sticky gel pads to keep your tools locked in place and like new.


Hand crafted in Wisconsin and built to last. Tool Lock is unaffected by extreme temperatures. Between -40⁰F and 250⁰F they retain its energy absorbing properties.

Personal Customization

Our Easy Snap-A-Part dividers don’t require cutting or leave edges for a great fit every time.


What is Tool Lock?

TakLogic Technology holds tools, locking them in place. Our TakLogic Technology is safe and formulated from a soy-based recipe we produce in-house at our Wisconsin factory. It's made from renewable resources.