Tool Lock will revolutionize the way you work! Our durable tool boxes will protect your sockets, nuts, bits and make tool organization fun and easy. Tooled and molded in Wisconsin, you can rest-assured the Tool Lock tackle system is made from quality materials that are built to last and environmentally safe.


Our tool boxes are tooled, crafted, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A.! We are proud of our product made in Ettrick, Wisconsin.


Our blue dividers Snap-Apart with a simple twist eliminating the need for additional cutting and trimming. Each tool box comes standard with a full set of dividers allowing the craftsmen to customize his tool box to fit a variety of hardware, regardless the size.

ElasTak Liner

Our ElasTak liner is environmentally safe and is formulated from a soy-based recipe we produce in-house at our Wisconsin factory. It's made from renewable resources.